My Fashion

I’ve been a collector of clothes since I was a teenager and I love all colours; prints; and checks. I see clothes as pieces of art – they make you think and tell a story about the person wearing them.

I buy a lot of vintage and second hand clothes, mixing them with contemporary pieces.
My favourite vintage stores are Fat Faced Cat; Blackout II; and Armstrong’s who are based in Edinburgh

Paris is my spiritual home where I try to visit it once or twice a year to buy clothes.  I love the Maison Margiela brand headed up by British couturier, John Galliano and the handmade jewellery made in resin by Dominique Denaive.

I don’t believe in following fashion – I just wear what reflects who I am.   I’ve always tried to break down pre-conceived ideas about how a woman should look within the workplace by wearing colours such as green; orange; cream; red; pink; and white.

My ambition in life is not to tell women what to wear, but encourage them to be free to express their style and be the best version of themselves.

I hope you enjoy my work x